Trust, Redefined UTGL Asset Link Credit Card

The UTGL Asset Link Credit Card transforms the trust industry, by enabling true asset autonomy and easy access to your assets, secured by a one-stop licensed trust platform.

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Why UTGL card?

With no spending limit*, UTGL Asset Link Credit Card gives you ultimate asset autonomy

*Asset link credit limit is automatically derived from the market value of eligible trust assets

Your prestigious black card enables you to:
Settle payments with various platform supported assets
Withdraw cash globally at any time and utilize Trust assets to its full potential
Enjoy exclusive cross-border secretarial services for daily needs

How it works

One card to access all your secured assets with ease

Open a trust account* via our innovative UTGL FinTech Platform.
Receive your exclusive UTGL Asset Link Credit Card, with a credit limit based on the current market value of your assets under trust.
Your card comes with no monthly billing cycle and no minimum repayment. Keeping full control of when you use your card and when to repay.

Cards we offer

Choose among UTGL Asset Link Credit Cards to best suit for your everyday spending

UTGL World
The most powerful travel card that empowers you with the flexibility to explore the places and pursuits that mean the most to you.
UTGL World
Elite Card
More than just a travel card to help you experience life’s most memorable moments with a world of exclusive possibilities.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our credit card

Can I apply for supplementary cards for my family or friends?

Yes. You can apply for up to 5 supplementary cards.

A supplementary card lets you share the benefits and convenience of your UTGL Asset Link Credit Card with your family and friends. With just one trust account, your family members or friends can enjoy the suite of exclusive benefits and privileges. Plus, you can monitor all transactions in real time, control supplementary card holder’s daily or monthly spending with flexible spending limit settings and repay all cards at once on UTGL.

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How do I get liquidity from my trust assets?

Simply withdraw cash from any Mastercard-accepting ATM using your UTGL Asset Link Credit Card, available across 210 countries worldwide.

*ATM withdrawal fees & charges may apply. Refer to key fact statement for details.

When do I need to settle the outstanding balance of my UTGL Asset Link Credit Card?

If you have placed an instruction to enable UTGL AutoPay for automatic repayments, repayments towards the outstanding balance will be made automatically on behalf of you. Assets used for repayment are based on your repayment preferences configured when authorizing UTGL to enable UTGL AutoPay and can be changed with just a few clicks.

You can also disable UTGL AutoPay by an instruction to regain full control over the UTGL Asset Link Credit Card repayments. You decide when and how to settle the outstanding balance. Interest will be calculated daily on the outstanding balance.

When will the outstanding balance of my UTGL Asset Link Credit Card start incurring interest?

If you have instructed UTGL to enable UTGL AutoPay for automatic repayments, you won’t be charged any interest proving that you have adequate eligible assets in your card account for repayments.

Otherwise, for ATM transactions, interest is charged immediately. For purchase transactions, your card account will not be debited until the merchant has presented your card transaction to us requesting payment. We will send you a notification, through the portal or by email, on the day purchase transaction(s) are debited.

How and when are interest calculated?

Interest Fee = (Account Outstanding Balance – Repayments) x Daily Interest Rate.

Interest is calculated and debited to the outstanding balance of your account, where applicable, daily. The payment cut-off time will be the end of that day (24:00:00 HKT) giving you ample time to settle the payment during the day.

How much are the monthly minimum repayments?

There are no minimum repayments and no fixed payment due dates. You pay at your own discretion.

How do I track my card transactions?

You can log in to your UTGL Trust Platform to see all your transactions.

How do I switch between Auto Repayment and Manual Repayment methods?

You can change the current setting of the Auto Repayment feature on your UTGL digital trust platform at any time.

Will my assets be affected if the outstanding balance is not settled?

Your assets are always safe and under legal protection.

While your balance is not settled, the interest charges will continue to accrue until the day you fully repay the outstanding balance of your account.

Why doesn’t contactless payment for the first transaction go through?

It is a safety feature that prevents a client's credit card from making contact with offline contactless payment terminals during delivery and transit resulting in unexpected transactions and monetary loss. Therefore, the credit card may be restricted from some contactless payment terminals for the first transaction. Subsequent contactless transactions will go through normally.

Will I receive a daily statement for daily repayment?

Yes. We will be sending an outstanding balance notification email to you every morning at 11:00 AM HKT.

“UTGL Asset Link Credit Card is the most friendly credit card I have ever used. No due date and minimum payment. I can decide how and when to make repayment on their licensed platform anytime, anywhere within my tight schedule.”
"UTGL Asset Link Credit Card maximizes my cash flow without selling my assets which tremendously benefits my business and investment opportunities. Further, as the value of my assets grow, the credit limit on my card increases. This truly fuels even faster growth for my business."

Flexible access to secure assets, with the first trust-powered credit card